(Company name)
SUIKO Co., Ltd.
代表取締役社長 増田純吾
Jungo Masuda
January 1948
August 30th, 1972
25名(役員2名 従業員23名)
25 (two executives, 23 employees)
(Head Office)
159-4 Miyagawa-Cho, Kurayoshi-Shi, Tottori Prefecture

東京都港区北青山2-10-29 日昭第二ビル1F
(Aoyama Satellite Office)
Nissyo Daini Bldg. 1F , 2-10-29 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

(ゆっくりやさしくパソコン教室 倉吉教室)
(Nice and Easy Computer School, Kurayoshi Classroom)
645-2 Yamane, Kurayoshi-Shi, Tottori Prefecture

(ゆっくりやさしくパソコン教室 鳥取駅南教室)
(Nice and Easy Computer School, Tottori Station South Classroom)
47-1 Tenjin-Cho, Tottori-Shi, Tottori Prefecture

代表者挨拶A word from our President


Our corporate philosophy is "To become a source of joy”, and we strive to make our company a source of joy for both our customers and our employees. We do this by having our employees work tirelessly for the business development of our customers, and by creating a secure environment where our employees can work without having to give up on their own dreams.
We want to keep contributing to the development of our customers and our local community, by continuing to create new value as we focus our management resources on helping great talent grow.

当社が大切にすることWhat we believe in

[経営理念][Our corporate vision]

To become a source of joy


As our employees strive to become a source of joy for our customers, our company strives to become a source of joy for its employees

[経営信条][Our philosophy]



-We provide joy and excitement to all our customers.

By providing products and services to customers, and being rewarded in proportion to our contributions, we continue and develop our business. Now and in the future, we aim to provide joy and excitement by creating new value and contributing to the growth and development of our customers. So long as we continue to provide joy and excitement to our customers, our company can also continue to grow and develop.



-For us, our customers’ joy is our own joy as well.

By nature, anyone is able to derive happiness from bringing joy to others. We push that capacity to its very limit, and find enthusiasm and pride in making our customers’ joy into our own.



-We endeavor to always trust our peers, and be trusted by them in return.

Our company boasts a closely-knit and unmatched team of employees from different backgrounds, ages, and genders. Together, they work hard for their families, for our customers, for their colleagues, and for society. Their role as employees is to respect each other’s positions, and to strive to trust, and be trusted in return.



-We take care of the physical and mental needs of our employees.

When people feel anxious, it is difficult for them to muster the strength to care about the happiness of others. Without economic and emotional security of their own, our employees would be unable to focus on the happiness of our customers, our business partners, and our community. After all, even people with economic security cannot truly have a happy life if they feel that their work has no meaning. The opposite is also true: even the most fulfilling job should not be accompanied by economic insecurity. Because our own physical and mental needs are taken care of, we can afford to focus on the happiness of those around us while living happy lives ourselves.



-Through our work, we contribute to the development of our local community.

We can work day after day because we get help and support not just from our customers and business partners, but also from many people in the community. To show our gratitude for that support, we must actively contribute to the community. Our most immediate contribution to society comes in the form of the fair profits that we generate through our work, a portion of which we give back as tax payments. We also create employment opportunities, and provide a workplace where enthusiastic workers can enjoy stimulating jobs. In other words, to continue turning a profit is our most significant contribution to society.